Board of Court Reporting

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Disciplinary Matters

The Board of Court Reporting provides a complaint procedure that is available to the public. Individuals may file a complaint after they have exhausted all other remedies, including but not limited to contacting the court reporter, judge, or attorney responsible for the particular proceeding. The Board cannot, by law, give legal advice. This procedure does not authorize the Board to make changes to transcripts or expedite the transcript process.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Board of Court Reporting will review the complaint, and any supporting documentation, on its face. The Board will typically schedule a meeting to determine whether to (1) require the respondent (e.g., the court reporter) to answer the complaint, or (2) dismiss the complaint without further action.

After receiving the respondent’s answer to the complaint, the Board may decide to hold a hearing. If a hearing is scheduled, the complainant’s attendance, testimony, and active participation may be required.

Per O.C.G.A. § 15-14-33(c)-(d), among the disciplinary penalties available to the Board of Court Reporting are: the administering of a public or private reprimand; probation, suspension, or revocation of a court reporting license; the establishment of a completion date certain for outstanding transcripts or other care such as, counseling, or treatment the Board may direct; the imposition of a requirement to pass the state certification test; or requirement of monetary adjustment in a fee dispute involving an official court reporter (i.e., a court reporter who reports judicial proceedings in a court). Please keep in mind that the Board of Court Reporting does not address any other remedies outside of O.C.G.A. § 15-14-33(c)-(d) which may be available to you by law.

A. Suspension

     A certificate is automatically suspended for:
     1.Failure to pay the renewal fee by April 1st each year, or
     2.Failure to meet the annual CE requirements.

     Suspension is effective immediately upon noncompliance.

     A suspended certificate may be reinstated by curing the cause of the suspension before December 31st of the year in which the suspension occurs.

B. Revocation

     If the suspension is not cured by December 31st of the year in which the suspension occurs, the certificate is automatically revoked.

    If the certificate is revoked, the reporter may become certified again only by meeting current certification requirements, and no sooner than the first day of April following the date of revocation.  The revoked reporter must also pay a penalty fee as established by the Board.

    This Article shall govern recertification of a reporter whose certificate was revoked under the prior Article 9 of these Rules after January 1, 2009. 

C. Discipline for Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with the continuing education requirements shall also be grounds for disciplinary action under Article 11 of these Rules. Sanctions may be imposed for the following reasons:
     1. Failure to complete required credits within specified time period;
     2. Failure to submit required reporting form or proof of compliance; or
     3. False information on a reporting form.