Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia

Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia

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President’s Welcome


Honorable J. Lane Bearden
Cherokee Judicial Circuit
Juvenile Court of Gordon County
Council President
Welcome to the website of the Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia!
The Council has nearly 150 judicial members from across the state. We exercise exclusive jurisdiction over some of Georgia’s most controversial and challenging cases – child abuse, neglect, and juvenile offenses. The majority of our members are full-time judges, appointed to four-year terms by the Superior Courts. We have a diverse group – including urban courts, accountability courts dedicated to handling drug and mental health issues, rural judges who have to “ride circuit” over multiple counties, associate judges, part-time judges in smaller circuits who also have active law practices, even one elected judge - but what we have in common in is a dedication to the best interests of Georgia’s children.
The CJCJ is the organization which supports, informs, and speaks for Georgia’s juvenile court judges. The Council is the central core for our judges – a place to exchange ideas, learn about the most advanced and progressive practices, interact with other levels of courts, share news about new legal rulings and case precedents, and consider the impact of new and proposed legislation effecting today’s youth.
This year, for example, the CJCJ has led Georgia’s juvenile courts in the prompt and accurate fulfillment of the duties and requirements of the state legislature’s complete re-write of the Juvenile Code: 244 single-spaces pages of statutory law. The “New Code” has adopted new definitions, new requirements, and new procedures for the vast majority of our cases. Georgia juvenile courts have quickly advanced new procedures for Children in Need of Services (CHINS), funding from the Governor’s office for advances in juvenile offender rehabilitation and alternatives to detention, and new and more comprehensive procedures to achieve permanency for children.
Our future challenges include assuring the professionalism of the courts, accessing and accounting for resources needed for successful judicial outcomes at all stages of proceedings, successful implementation of use of advanced technology, opening the courts to the public and involving our communities, achieving the best representation for Georgia’s abused and neglected children, and ensuring a fair, and prompt, and appropriate outcome for juveniles charged with offenses.
On behalf of our outstanding Executive Committee, the members of our Council, and our dedicated Executive Director and staff, we invite you to explore this web-site, and learn about the Council, our active judges, judicial committees and staff.                                                                     
Very truly yours,
Hon. J. Lane Bearden
President, Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia
Council Profile

The Council of Juvenile Court Judges is composed of all judges of the courts exercising jurisdiction over juveniles. Council membership for fiscal year 2015 includes 148 members: 60 Full-Time Juvenile Courts Judges, 34 Part-Time Juvenile Court Judges; 8 Full-Time Associate Juvenile Court Judges and 10 Part-Time Associate Juvenile Court Judges; 15 Pro Tempore Judges, 4 Superior Court Judges exercising Juvenile Court Jurisdiction; and 17 Senior Judges.


Juvenile Legislative Update


Watch this section for the latest information/updates on juvenile legislation during the 2013 Georgia Legislative Session.

The following juvenile justice legislation may be of interest to child advocates - information obtained from the Barton Law Clinic.  Please note any information contained regarding upcoming committee hearings or votes is subject to change. Please visit for updated information.


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